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> >Perhaps it's overkill to write adapter for all my content objects. I think
> >I found a solution. The Request object might be RO but I can smuggle an 
> >object
> >reference inside the reponse headers and removed it after all the widgets are
> >processed.
> augh! :-)
> Philipp is leading you correctly.  I might even be tempted to write a
> custom form that directly set the data for the widgets myself; maybe that
> would be a quicker and easier approach to the same road.

That's what I did. I used formlib to create widgets, added an attribute
containing the information I needed to send from the view to the widgets.

It worked like a charm - until I used some more complex data structures
(Lists, Dicts). I don't know a way of adding attributes to the subwidgets
of e.g. ListWidgets because those subwidgets are created on the fly during
the ListWidgets' rendering/query-parsing process.



Doesn't work:

 +-List of...
 | +-i18ntext
 +-Dict of...

> If you still don't want to listen to him, please don't do the response
> hack you are talking about.  the request has an `annotations` attribute
> which experts can use to stash things away.  Beware: this is a road that
> has bitten many in Zope 2, and is easily abused.

I would really like always to use the Zope(tm) way. I'll try the annotations
attribute (although I'm not really an expert :-) ).

Thank you,

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