On Fri, 2006-21-04 at 11:03 -0400, Pete Taylor wrote:
> i'm going to call a zodb query language zql for now, because i like it
> and think it's catchy ;)  ...i know there's a java query parser called
> "zql" also, but i'm not proposing a formal name, so i'm going to use
> it anyway.  i'd think of zql as just an OQL specific to the zodb.

I quite like this idea.  I'm not sure of the practical applications of
it at this point... but it seems to have the appearance of a lot of
potential :)

Just out of curiousity, why not try to simply implement OQL for the
zodb?  The zodb (plus its libs/framework) is basically just a OODBMS
anyhow.  Using OQL would make this a little more accessible still for
people outside the python community.  I could see possibly adding a few
zodb specific extensions to the OQL implementation, but having OQL as
the base would be nice.

- Rocky

Rocky Burt
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