unless I have made it through the ZMI, I am unable to
access it. Why is that? What URL should I be using for
a newly developed folder that I didn't add through the
ZMI but which is installed in my Zope Instance's
lib/python and configured in the  ZCML files?

This is kind of a strange question :). It sounds like you're confused
about the difference between the instance and the (class) definition.
What you're doing with Zope is defining content objects with the file
system code. Then in the Zope database you're instantiating content
objects (by adding them through the ZMI). It's exactly the same as the
class/instance distinction in Python generally. I think I see how you
got confused though. When you configured the .zcml files you weren't
adding any content objects. You were configuring content objects to be
*addable*, sort of like an import statement.

To your question, "how do you really develop a website with ZOPE?",
the answer has to do with the concept of a "component architecture".
The .zcml is "wiring" to pull together different content object and
application components. You pull together all the components you want
and then you add them as a web application object through the ZMI.
That's your website.
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