El lun, 08-05-2006 a las 15:13 -0400, Stephan Richter escribió:
> Hello everyone,
> The Zope 3 development team is proud to announce Zope 3.3.0 beta 1.
Great :)

>   - The 'browser:layer' directive and the 'ILayer' interface
>     has been deprecated.  Registering layers has become obsolete,
>     layers should be created as interfaces extending
>     'IBrowserRequest'.
>   - The 'browser:skin' directive has been deprecated.  Skins
>     should be created as interfaces extending 'IBrowserRequest'
>     and can be registered using a simple 'utility' directive.
>   - The 'ISkin' interface has been renamed to 'IBrowserSkinType'.
Is there a small document or howto explaining how to migrate from the
old skins/layers to the new system?

Best regards

Lorenzo Gil

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