Benji York wrote:
> Jim Washington wrote:
>> I have a public example (not open-sourced, sorry - line-of-business app)
>> of jsonserver in action at . It's fast and does
>> the async communication with little fuss.
> Very cool.
Thanks!  (and apologies to non-US-ians about the US-centric questions :(
) The quiz app still has a few soon-to-be-resolved edge-case buglets,
but we have been using it for high school contests around the state
(yes, through cranky school district firewalls/proxies, etc.), and for
occasional exams around the university.

An upcoming jsonserver release will have its own JSON-RPC javascript
included, based on Roger's JSON-RPC javascript in Tiks.  jsolait, while
still OK to use, will no longer be an external "recommended" dependency,
which I think will make a lot of people happy.

The new semantics of JSON-RPC1.1 will be available.  Keyword parameters
are cool!

Best of all, the new release will be a unified release that will operate
in both Zope 2/Five and Zope 3.  Balazs Ree is the genius behind that
amazing feat.

Stay tuned!

-Jim Washington
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