> Why not using ZeO + two Zope servers in front of it that both provide all
> the functionality? You can put a proxy server (don't forget to switch off
> the cache) in front of them. This proxy server then examines all request's 
> urls
> and forwards them to the server resposible for the requested functionality.
> Remember: It's always better to have two identical systems and use it
> differently than to have two different systems.

Consider the followng example: one company has got a Zope application running on
a single server. This applications need the components of e.g. the supplier of
the component running on a different server. So I don't want to mirror both,
because the both companies are more or less independent. So I assume the only
possible is XML-RPC (with its limitations of restricted data types and so on)?

Reinhold Strobl

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