baiju m wrote:
> I have two content objects (both are containers) but I cannot add one
> It was working in 3.2, now NotYet error is coming in 3.3. Here is the
> traceback:

Why the different behaviour b/w versions?
Did you have an active IntId utility installed in each version?

Installing an IntId utility has an (unfortunate) side effect, which can
break previously working code.  Whether you can successfully add objects
to containers which haven't been persisted yet, depends on the presence
of an IntId util.

Personally, I find this a bother.  Functioning code on a site could be
broken by adding totally unrelated package (which includes an intid
util).  Another aspect is it can make your code more obscure when you
need to code around this 'issue' - as you ended up doing.

I've played around with a quick and dirty patch to IntId's to internally
'defer' NotYet exceptions.

I took this approach because I didn't want to change 'pythonic' code
into 'zopish' code.

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