On Fri, May 19, 2006 at 02:21:23PM -0500, Jachin Rupe wrote:


> I'm still getting a "ComponentLookupError".  I'll just include the example 
> I'm trying to make work 
> at the bottom, it's pretty short.  I'm beginning to think there may be 
> something in your 
> explication that I need to understand.
> Also, from looking at your example I'm guessing your using the SVN version of 
> zope3, is that true 
> and do you happen to know if that would make a difference?  I'm currently 
> using Zope-3.2.1.

Yes, I'm using Zope-SVN but the ObjectWidget-Code was written for ZopeX3.
I can't see the Dispatcher-Widget. Are you sure, you implemented and registered 
as described in Part "Vorarbeit(Preparation)" of the Howto?


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