Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

> >   >>> from zope.lifecycleevent.interfaces import ObjectModifiedEvent
> >   >>> from zope.event import notify
> >   >>> notify(ObjectModifiedEvent(myobj))

I see, thanks. I missed the notify() because I override
handle_edit_action() without calling super(), and I looked at the
content interfaces for the trouble, not at the forms.

> > This is, btw, exactly what the container machinery is doing when you
> > add
> > a child to a container. It's also what the form machinery does when
> > it
> > changes an object as the result of an automated add or edit form.

This brings the question: is it the form's responsibility, or the
container's? Why is a container any different than other content
There has to be a simple reason the parent is not notified inside
AddFormBase.add(), and I try to state it.. "within a container
interface, we can always know when it's modified. With other objects, we
cannot unless we wrap each and every exposed attribute."

It sounds right, now..  :-) 

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