we are going to implement a simple workflow here. Example of our use case:

   * There are containers 'IArticleFolder' containing objects (e.g. IArticle)
   * Those objects sometimes contain subobjects (e.g. IImage, IFile)
   * When an object or one of it's subobjects is modified, it enters a simple 
   * A modified object must not be visible to visitors. The lastest unmodified
     revision of the object should be displayed instead.
   * Two editors have to approve modifications of the object to finish the 
workflow and
     make the modifications visible to site visitors.

My main problem is: I have to use this mini-workflow for multiple application, 
not just
IArticleFolder/IArticle. I need some method that doesn't force me to rewrite 
all the
pagetemplates/views/... from scratch. Does anyone have an idea, how to do this?


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