I am new at this but I have been unable to get Zope 3 to run correctly from the internet or from another computer
on my internal network.

I downloaded Python 2.4.0 and installed it. I then downloaded the Windows XP version of Zope 3 and ran the installer.

I then found that the installer only installs in the Python/Scripts directory and does not set up the instance.

I figured out how to use the mkzopeinstance and got a instance directory created.

Next, I figured out to issue the runzope command and got Zope started on port 8080.

However, a lot of routers use port 8080 for remote admin, so I then had to figure out how to change the zope conf file to
tell it to start using port 9090.

OK, got it running with no error on port 9090 as an HTTP server on localhost.

Ran the http://localhost:9090/manage command in the browser and I was connected at least on the computer it is installed on.

Now the problem. 1. Cannot access the ZOPE 3 server from the internet or from a different machine on the internal network.
      2.  Cannot run as a Windows Service.

Any suggestions????
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