On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 11:27:45PM -0400, Daniel Roberson wrote:
> OK, I added a Folder and called it MyFolder in the ZMI and then gave to 
> folder a title called 
> "Some Cool Title".
> Then I created a ZPT page in the folder and enter some html and tal script as 
> directed in the 
> Zope 3
> Develop's Handbook page 18.  I then clicked to open the ZPT and did a preview.
> The page displays but the tal line which reads:
> <h1 tal:content="context/zope:title">title here</h1> and is to display the 
> title of the folder 
> "Some Cool Title"
> in place of "title here" does not display and there is no error code given.
> Any suggestions as to why the tal command is not working???

It is working. You probably didn't enter a title for the ZPT. If you want to 
display the
folder's title, use


BTW: The 'title' is not the same as 'name', which has to be entered whenever
an object is created in zmi. You may have created a folder called 'Some Cool
Title' but title has to be set as DublinCore metadata which can be modified
in the '@@EditMetaData.html' browser view. To get the name of the folder,



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