There isn't such a thing like zexp in Zope2.
Your best bet is to back up the whole of the stuff (file "Data.fs"), I think.

There's a mechanism (zsync) to do ZODB <-> file system  content synchronization which would come in handy for this. 
It's  in the SVN version  of Zope 3 (or maybe in  v3.3 again, too).   This used to be there in earlier versions and then later it was removed from the releases because it was broken.  I'm not sure how usable it is now,  it didn't work when I tried it a while ago.
This feature is rather neglected by the Zope 3 developers, I'm afraid.  Or perhaps I should say "it's in the works" like TTW development. :p


2006/6/23, Garanin Michael < [EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
В Вск, 19/03/2006 в 21:57 +0300, Garanin Michael пишет:
> Hello!
> I have not empty Folder on computer. How can i import Folder to  other
> computer? Where is analog of Zope2 import\export (zexp)?
> Thanks!
How i can make backup my site-folder?

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