Hi all,
I have an error trying to get zalchemy working in the ZMI.

- I created an SQLAlchemyContainer named cCustomer;
- In its "class" attribute I put the path to my content class "Customer", marked with the ISQLAlchemyObject interface and as-far-as-i-can-see well mapped with a 'customerTable' db-model; - When trying to add a Customer object (just submitting the name of the new object in the 'adding' form, not in the subsequent 'edit' form), I get an error from zalchemy.container.SQLAlchemyNameChooser in the method 'checkName':

<Customer> object has no attribute '_class'

Looking at the code, seems like the method wants to be given the 'container' object, but get instead the 'contained' one.

I am working with the 'trunk' version of zalchemy and Zope 3.3.0b1.

I am still a newbie, so it is very likely I am getting something wrong.

Any hint?

Thank you in advance.

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