Hi Carlo.

As a workaround to get objects into the db you can comment out the following lines in checkName like this:

    def checkName(self, name, container):
        if isinstance(name, str):
            name = unicode(name)
        elif not isinstance(name, unicode):
            raise TypeError("Invalid name type", type(name))

        #unproxied = removeSecurityProxy(container)
        #if not name.startswith(unproxied._class.__name__+'.'):
        #  raise UserError("Invalid name for SQLAlchemy object")
        return True

If you plan on using it, the container implementation needs some work and there is currently no adapter for deleting objects (see TODO.txt) I am grateful though for the efforts to get the package this far along and for the transaction integration work particularly.


Carlo Cardelli wrote:
Hi all,
I have an error trying to get zalchemy working in the ZMI.

- I created an SQLAlchemyContainer named cCustomer;
- In its "class" attribute I put the path to my content class "Customer", marked with the ISQLAlchemyObject interface and as-far-as-i-can-see well mapped with a 'customerTable' db-model; - When trying to add a Customer object (just submitting the name of the new object in the 'adding' form, not in the subsequent 'edit' form), I get an error from zalchemy.container.SQLAlchemyNameChooser in the method 'checkName':

<Customer> object has no attribute '_class'

Looking at the code, seems like the method wants to be given the 'container' object, but get instead the 'contained' one.

I am working with the 'trunk' version of zalchemy and Zope 3.3.0b1.

I am still a newbie, so it is very likely I am getting something wrong.

Any hint?

Thank you in advance.

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