On Monday 14 August 2006 01:00, Jeff Shell wrote:
> If things slow down... uhm, ever... for us, I'd like to see if I can
> get us to open up some of the more generic toolkits we've built up in
> recent months, as they've been very empowering.

You should really do this as you code. Not only do you help out the community, 
but also yourself, since people will be using the code and make enhancements 
and help maintaining the code. Further, we are all not duplicating the same 

Lovely Systems, Roger and I have all been in agreement to publish generic 
components as we go; if you are subscribed to all check-in messages, you 
probably saw already a bunch of packages landing in the z3c and lovely 
namespace. We have tasks setup for this week to open/publish even more 
packages and extensions.

Stephan Richter
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