Hello people,

I downloaded the 3.2.1 version from http://zope.org/Products/Zope3 but it has no windows installer.

the previous 3.2.o has it.

That is, the last version marked as stable has no windows installer, while the versions marked as developement and the previous stable versions do have it.

The download page says:

The version Trunk contains the pyd files necessary to get the trunk working on win32 without a C compiler. The ZIP files will get marked with SVN revision number (Unzip into the root of a Zope3 trunk checkout).

So I suspect that the versions with no windows installer can work on windows BUT the readme file explicitly says to use a windows installer to install Zope, otherwise you must have a supported C compiler (it's not my case).

In a few words: what should I do to make the 3.2.1 version I downloaded work ?

I've been playing with Zope 2 and I also made a small job with that and I liked it.

Now I want to see wether I can reach a reasonable setup also with Zope3.

Thanks SO much for any help !


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