Hello people,

I'm trying to follow the Zope 3, precisely the part that you can find at http://dev.zope.org/Zope3/Zope3Book/contentobject.html.

it shows how to create new content type components ( a message board type and a message type)

All the source code files are downloadable from the svn, so you can try , following the instructions in the book.

The book is quite old ! In the svn I see it's been edited last time in 2004  !

In chapter 13, paragraph 6, there's this sentence:

" ... There is a script called test.py that will run all or only specified tests for you. To run the test against your implementation, execute the following line from the Zope 3 root directory:

1  python2.3 test.py -vpu --dir src/book/messageboard ..."

Well, is there a test.py file ? I can't find it !

Also in the svn there's so much material that isn't regarded at all in the book text !

Is that text still valuable ? Or is it obsolete and meaningless, at now ?

Thanks so much


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