At 01.07 26/08/2006, you wrote:
Yes, it is still a very valuable text, Stephan just has plenty of
other things to do and hasn't found the time to update the book (he
can tell you better if and when there will be an update). But this is
a general problem of computer texts: It takes some effort to keep them
up to date.

well, this is good news!

Note that this is still Stephans book, not a book written by the Zope
3 community (don't know if he would be interested in having more
people maintain the book).

You might want to read Stephans book in parallel with Philipps book
and find out which suits you better in which area. (Note that Philipps
is preparing a second edition of his book)

thanks for the suggestion, I had considered the Phillips book. Because it's printed the Stephan's book was just more immediate to read !

On Sat, Aug 26, 2006 at 12:07:56AM +0200, catonano wrote:

> Well, is there a file ? I can't find it !

"...from the Zope 3 root directory" means:

   $ svn co svn:// z3
   $ cd z3
   $ python2.4 ./ ...

I. e. is in the checkout of Zope 3, not of the example


Well, yes, I see that the file is in the root directory of the checked out z3. It's also inside the root folder of the .tgz file downloaded via http from the site

The point is that I did not check out ! I used the Windows installer. The one Adam Groszer and I have been talking about yesterday on this list !

And,believe me, there's no inside the folder it deployed. I used the windows searching facility and also the Crimson editor search facility. I used them on both the deployed folder (inside Python24/Lib/site-packages ) and on the instance folder too.

I found a file inside zope/i18n/tests/ but it's NOT equal to the one from the checked out version.

Adam, could you tell me something this time too ;-) ?

Thanks so much to anybody for any hint


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