Stephan Richter wrote:
On Saturday 02 September 2006 12:56, Robert Hicks wrote:
Try to be a bit more specific, you'll get more answers that way.
Actually I thought the subject was expressive enough. Thanks for the
advice though.

I agree with Martin. I had to read Philipp's response to remember what "crud" stood for. For us in the Zope community this is such a non-issue in 98% of the cases, that we are not familiar with this sort of terminology and discussion.

That is okay. Sometimes I forget that people have different "experiences"in the software arena. I didn't take Martin's response in any way except to mean I need to be more verbose in my questions and not assume stuff like "everyone knows what CRUD is".

While the ZODB looks like a great example my question should have been:

"I am using Oracle at work and I am looking into using Z3 as the solution but I was wondering if there was an example of creating a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application that is prevelant in Turbogears, Django and the like. The example they use is a wiki application where the add, modify and delete simple wiki entries."


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