Robert Hicks wrote:
While the ZODB looks like a great example my question should have been:

"I am using Oracle at work

Does this imply you *need* or *want* to use it for a web application? If you don't have to, consider alternatives such as Zope's object store (ZODB).

and I am looking into using Z3 as the solution

Solution to what?

but I was wondering if there was an example of creating a CRUD
(Create, Read, Update, Delete) application that is prevelant in
Turbogears, Django and the like.

Well, most of the time we don't think in terms of CRUD, even though we might be doing it.

Zope is about objects. Where these objects come from doesnt' really matter to Zope. They can come from Zope's object store, they can also come from a relational database. Doesn't matter. In Zope you create objects, you modify them and you display them.

The example they use is a wiki application where the add, modify and
delete simple wiki entries."

There's a similar example for Zope 3:


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