Philipp von Weitershausen a écrit :
Sébastien VINOT wrote:

I just installed the latest Zope 3 (3.2.1) with Python 2.4.2 on a freeBSD install.

Everything looks olkay, but I get an IOError if I click on the "Manage Process" link. My instance has been started with "zopectl start".

Here is the trace back:

   * Module, line 87, in
     for item in platform.uname():
   * Module platform, line 1007, in uname
     processor = _syscmd_uname('-p','')
   * Module platform, line 793, in _syscmd_uname
     output = string.strip(

IOError: [Errno 4] Interrupted system call

This sounds like something's wrong with your Python installation. The 'platform' module is a standard Python module.

I've installed python 2.4.2 just for Zope3 but I have several python versions on my version : I'll investigate that way.

Finally this error generates 2 errors : "Object: < object at 0x405d74ac>, name: u'favicon.ico'"

That's just Internet Explorer not finding its favicon. You can ignore that.




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