Thierry FLORAC wrote:
On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 14:20 -0300, David Pratt wrote:
Thierry, you may want to consider blobs when they become generally available through zodb. It takes care of the management details for ZEO and files.

Is there any planned release date for this feature ?
Do you think that it could be included in the next stable release of Zope ??

I think Chris and Theuni have planned this for the next ZODB release (November). I coould be wrong, though.

P.S. : is there, in fact, any planned release date for the next stable release of Zope3 ? That can seem a stupid question, but I'm currently building a quite important web site with Zope3 (release 3.3.0b2) without any problem ; it's just quite difficult, on a "political" point of view, to convince managers that you are going to deploy your application with a Beta version of your application server...

There'll be a release candidate shortly. If that produces no problems, I think a final version can be expected pretty soon after that.


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