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On Monday 25 September 2006 03:21, John Maddison wrote:
> Is it possible/wise to "auto-create" content objects in the ZODB? Say I'm
> creating a blog application and have a container type(BlogContainer) and
> want an instance called "blog" in the root of the ZODB. Is it possible to
> programatically specify this, or is my only option to create it through the
> ZMI? I thought that perhaps an event was generated when the root object was
> created that I could hook into, but it seems not. Perhaps I'm looking at
> this the wrong way - would "fixtures" like this be better implemented as
> utilities with z3c.traverser redirecting to appropriate views?

It is very much a goal of Zope 3 to allow Python-based content adding; in
fact, I am never adding content via ZMI these days. The closest I get to the
ZMI is the Sample Data generator that creates a full application for me. By
the way, much thanks to SchoolTool, Roger and Juergen who have developed this
concept. We also use the configurator to configure complex content objects.

Hm...a few thoughts on this: firstly,. if you're using this in a
production application, the module name seems a bit misleading :).
Secondly, I'd've expected the context that gets passed t the plugin
would be either the sample object itself or the root object, but it
seems to be none - how can I get the root object? Finally, it seems to
make the problem a bit more indirect, but still there - how could I
automatically create  a SampleManager on startup?  With the new event
(I gather that would work - I guess I'm askign what the "best
practice" would be, if in fact I'm not trying to do something silly to
begin with)?

So to answer your specific question: There is an event fired when the database
is opened with the root. See zope.app.appsetup.bootstrap, line 193. Hoever, I
agree that an created and add event should be created for the root folder in
the same function. Could you file a bug report, or even better provide a fix
with test? :-)

Fred already did it :)

Also, thank you  to everyone for your quick and varied answers - zope3
is generally fairly well documented at the code level, and it's great
to know it's easy to find answers to more architecture-y questions,
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