JSONView is now available as part of the jsonserver package.

A JSONView responds to HTTP GET and returns a snippet of JSON. This is useful for AJAX/XHR, things like repopulating a select list without a full page refresh.

Usage is fairly simple. Make a view class subclassing JSONView from jsonserver. In your view class, make a method, doResponse, that returns a python dict or list that is the data you wish to return to the client. One other method is always called before publication, doCacheControl, which may be overridden/extended for setting caching headers. Content-type, which is by default 'application/json', may be overridden in your class by setting an instance variable named contentType. Register your view with the <browser:page> ZCML directive, giving it a name, for (interface), class, and permission.

JSONView takes care of matching named parameters in the request with named parameters in the doResponse method, so a view named "sum" with a method signature like doResponse(a,b=10) can be requested like http://x ample.com/sum?a=4&b=9

jsonserver with JSONViews is available (ATM) only on z3labs svn:


For more information the README (ftest) is at http://codespeak.net/svn/z3/jsonserver/trunk/JSONViews.txt .

This is new code, so comments/suggestions are welcome.

-Jim Washington

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