Hello all,

I've been studying zope3 for some time and have been working with zope2 for some years but I still think I'm missing the point with the new patterns in Zope3. I would like to hear the opinion of some of you.

I have developed a portal product with many content types to be used inside, each one has all the fields and logic needed to operate them - but no views (no html files).  This is needed because many clients will use the same portal and content types, each one with its own templates.

I feel it is too much to have to write classes, register every single image, _javascript_, css and fill the templates with tal:attributes to locate the resources,  just to build the presentation layer for the products, all logic is already contained in them. I was thinking in something like zope2, just upload the html files, folders, images and so on... using webdav or FTP and access the methods and fields in the objects created in each client deployment.

I know this model is possible in zope3 but considering the absence of any example using this pattern, I feel I may be going in the wrong direction.

We are a web application shop in Brazil and we need to provide shared host and reusable components to many clients. All the examples found focused on one single application inside a zope3 server. Will I have to restart zope3 for every single update on the code?

We need centralized code for content types (zope3 is great on this) but we need simple and independent interfaces (views) for each implementation. What is the best pattern for this?

Sorry for being long... it is the effect of long time coding and no beer ;)

Thanks in advance,

Luiz Fernando B. Ribeiro
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