Hi Luiz,

Too much coding without beer is no fun. Too much beer and coding gets
messy. I've been guilty of both. :-)

There is a recent thread that I think applies to your questions, one
mail of which is:

which includes a link to:

Yes, Zope3 does require a lot of configuration/zcml work. But as an
example I have recently been building a site where the work was in just
building and configuring views (and a few adapters) on content objects
that were already developed for another project. It has been fun - even
without beer.

Hope this helps.

On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 22:06 -0300, Luiz Fernando Bernardes Ribeiro
> Hello all,
> I've been studying zope3 for some time and have been working with
> zope2 for some years but I still think I'm missing the point with the
> new patterns in Zope3. I would like to hear the opinion of some of
> you. 
> I have developed a portal product with many content types to be used
> inside, each one has all the fields and logic needed to operate them -
> but no views (no html files).  This is needed because many clients
> will use the same portal and content types, each one with its own
> templates. 
> I feel it is too much to have to write classes, register every single
> image, javascript, css and fill the templates with tal:attributes to
> locate the resources,  just to build the presentation layer for the
> products, all logic is already contained in them. I was thinking in
> something like zope2, just upload the html files, folders, images and
> so on... using webdav or FTP and access the methods and fields in the
> objects created in each client deployment. 
> I know this model is possible in zope3 but considering the absence of
> any example using this pattern, I feel I may be going in the wrong
> direction.
> We are a web application shop in Brazil and we need to provide shared
> host and reusable components to many clients. All the examples found
> focused on one single application inside a zope3 server. Will I have
> to restart zope3 for every single update on the code? 
> We need centralized code for content types (zope3 is great on this)
> but we need simple and independent interfaces (views) for each
> implementation. What is the best pattern for this?
> Sorry for being long... it is the effect of long time coding and no
> beer ;) 
> Thanks in advance,
> -- 
> Luiz Fernando B. Ribeiro 
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