Le lundi 16 octobre 2006 à 10:51 -0400, Fred Drake a écrit :
> On 10/16/06, Oliver Petznick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > i'm trying to overwrite the DateWidget so the user can select day/
> > month/year out of 3 dropdowns. my problem is that zope searches for
> > 'form.field' and not for 'form.field.day' and so on.. so i get the
> > "no input" error..  how i can solve this? is there a method which i
> > can overwrite?
> That's entirely a function of the widget itself.  Instead of hacking
> up the existing widget, you'll need to create an entirely new widget.
> Or, you might be interested in zc.datetimewidget, available in the
> Zope Subversion repository:
>     http://svn.zope.org/zc.datetimewidget/trunk/
> This provides a JavaScript-based widget with a little calendar to pick
> dates from.  Both date and date/time variants are provided.

I've just tried to use "zc.datetimewidget" package in my Zope3
development installation.
Installation is fine, as well as widget, but I can't get dates displayed
or entered in a french way (DD/MM/YYYY).
I've tried to modify browser settings as well as a few parameters, but
nothing is doing it correctly (and when date is displayed correctly in a
form, Zope 'normally' says that dates are not correctly formatted while
submitting !).

Thanks for any help...

  Thierry Florac

P.S. : I also tried to install and configure "z3c.language" package.
Could there be any "inter-dependance" between these two packages ?

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