On Tuesday 24 October 2006 12:26, Thierry Florac wrote:
> To handle such a task, I was thinking about using :
>  - a ZEO server instance on the front-office server,
>  - and a ZEO ClientStorage on the back-office to handle replication of
> data to the front-office.
> Of course, I'm far from sure if this is the best way to handle my
> problem.

I am no ZEO export or even advanced user, but I know that Uwe Oestermeier uses 
this kind of approach for his Bebop document management system and it works 
for him.

> There may be several approachs (using XML-RPC ?) and as I'm not a great
> ZODB or ZEO specialist, any advise would be greatly welcome.

I would not use XML-RPC, because it cannot handle large amounts of data well. 
What about a simple XML file push a la REST?

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