On Saturday 14 October 2006 06:50, Lorenzo Gil Sanchez wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having problems with my Add Forms views (based in
> formlib.form.AddForm) in my transition from Zope 3.2 to Zope 3.3.
> In Zope 3.2 I registered my views like this:
> <page
>       for="zope.app.container.interfaces.IAdding"
>       name="addPerson.html"
>       class=".person.AddForm"
>       permission="zope.Public"
>       menu="zmi_views"
>       title="Add Person"
>       />

Well, the menu entry should not really be here; also adding it to zmi_views is 
wrong. You want to use the "addMenuItem directive. However, this does not 
explain that the menu item is showing up in the IPerson tabs.

> 1. If I don't add the directive <containerViews> to my container I get a
> NotFound exception when going to '/mycontainer/+/addPerson.html'. To fix
> this problem I have added this directive:
>   <view
>       name="+"
>       for="myapp.interfaces.IMyContainer"
>       class="zope.app.container.browser.adding.Adding"
>       permission="zope.ManageContent"
>       />

You should not need this, if you specify the "add" attribute in the 
containerViews directive:


> 2. When my add form is displayed in the Rotterdam skin I get an extra tab
> for every other contenttype I have a page registered like the example
> above. For example, I also have a Product content type and it has an
> AddForm like the Person AddForm. When I'm looking at
> '/mycontainer/+/addPerson.html' I got 4 tabs:
>   - Add (the one for adding the person)
>   - Add Product
>   - Introspection
>   - Registration

All that makes sense, since you are in the adding view and you registered a 
zmi_views entry for IAdding. Just remove it, as I suggested above.

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