I'm having problems with my Add Forms views (based in
formlib.form.AddForm) in my transition from Zope 3.2 to Zope 3.3.

In Zope 3.2 I registered my views like this:

      title="Add Person"

And my container implemented the marker interface 
The default view for my container has an 'Add' button with an action that just 
to '+/addPerson.html'

Everything worked fine with this model.

Now, in Zope 3.3 I have two problems:

1. If I don't add the directive <containerViews> to my container I get a 
NotFound exception when 
   going to '/mycontainer/+/addPerson.html'. To fix this problem I have added 
this directive:


2. When my add form is displayed in the Rotterdam skin I get an extra tab for 
every other contenttype
I have a page registered like the example above. For example, I also have a 
Product content type and it
has an AddForm like the Person AddForm. When I'm looking at 
'/mycontainer/+/addPerson.html' I got 4 tabs:

  - Add (the one for adding the person)
  - Add Product
  - Introspection
  - Registration

And obviously I shouldn't get the second tab. Looks like it is showing 
everything that is registered for the
IAdding interface, and that sound logical but my question is: Why it didn't 
work that way in Zope 3.2? and,
How do I get my expected behavior?

Best regards,

Lorenzo Gil

Extra thoughts: Probably the cause of my problems is that I don't fully 
understand the adding process
in Zope 3 so I'll try to explain what I think it is happening just in case 
anyone can correct me if I'm wrong:

When traversing '/mycontainer/+/addPerson.html' Zope gets to the '+' path and 
it gets a view for the
IMyContainer interface. This view is handled by the 
zope.app.container.browser.adding.Adding class that
implements the zope.app.container.interfaces.IAdding interface. Then, traversal 
continues to 'addPerson.html'
and Zope gets my view that is registered for IAdding. So I got a view for a 
(previous) view object that is
applied to my container. That's why in my AddForm self.context is the Adding 
object and self.context.context
is my container object.

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