Le vendredi 08 décembre 2006 à 15:08 +0100, Thierry Florac a écrit :
>   Hi,
> I'm currently writing an image management adapter for Zope3.
> It's goal is just to create and store thumbnails "on the fly" when an
> image is requested with an additional specific traversal name (for
> example, "myimage/thumbnail" will create a thumbnail of a given
> predefined size, while "myimage/200x200" will create a copy of the
> original image reduced to 200 pixels).
> These thumbnails are stored in the original image annotations.
> Everything seems to work fine, except for a little thing : I've created
> a specific widget so that, when an image is uploaded, a thumbnail of the
> new uploaded image is immediately displayed next to the "data" field
> upload button.
> But when the form is displayed, a "DatabaseConflictError" is visible
> into Zope's log, even if everything seems to work correctly from a
> browser's point of view.
> I'm not completely sure to understand what DatabaseConflictErrors are,
> so any explanation about this kind of problem would be greet.
> I'll just add for your information that I'm using ZEO...

Oops !!
Sorry, I found the source of my problem : it was a misconfiguration of
the adapter, who was writing data in it's context each time it was
called, even if the context was already "adapted".

A small missing tab and conflicts are gone...

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