Benji York wrote:
Robert Hicks wrote:
Do you know when Python 2.5 will be supported?

It will probably be a while.  2.5 includes some changes that will
require some of Zope's security machinery to be updated.

Oh I see.

I just received a shiny iMac and I am waffling between putting 2.4.4
or 2.5 on it.

Why not install both?

I could I guess but I really don't want to mess with 3 Python implementations on my system.

I think I will do 2.4.4 for now and put Zope on there when it is updated in January. In looking at the changes in 2.5 it doesn't have anything compelling to "me" (although I like the unified try/except/finally).

When Zope moves up to support 2.5 I will just move everything up to Python 2.5.


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