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In my experience (zope2), large full textindexes require more and more cpu time for every new object added to the point where it takes several minutes for each new article uploaded!

To avoid this problem, I was hoping to break the index into smaller pieces by using extent catalogs to filter by year. Can extent catalogs help mitigate a scaling issue like this?


There might be considerations with sharing the lexicon or not, but I don't have any advice off the top of my head.

I've been able to instanciate one extent catalog per year, but it doesn't automatically index content like a normal Catalog. It requires a manual reindex. And to automate indexing content, do I need to implement something like these for an extent catalog?

Neither of these match our experience. :-(

I'm not sure what the difference is between our set up and yours. Did you register the extent catalog as an ICatalog? We do...


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