When I look at the Creation time and Modification time in any of the
container views, it shows me the UTC time.

Looking at
zope.app.container.browser.contents.py: Line 174

I found that:

           formatter = self.request.locale.dates.getFormatter(
               'dateTime', 'short')

           created = self.safe_getattr(dc, 'created', None)
           if created is not None:
               info['created'] = formatter.format(created)

           modified = self.safe_getattr(dc, 'modified', None)
           if modified is not None:
               info['modified'] = formatter.format(modified)

is being used to compute them.

I am puzzled, how does the browser set its locale? I guess this must be a
very basic question. But I am not able to figure it out.

Could anyone please explain?

With regards,

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