Roy Mathew wrote:
Hi Folks,

I need prettier edit widgets than the stock Rotterdam/Basic skin
versions. Is there a collection of such widgets that maybe use
dojo/mochikit/scriptaculous. Or is it reasonable to simple re-style
(w/css) the stock widgets, or programmatically (in editform)
manipulate parameters, to get reasonable edit widgets.

Don't know if you consider Plone's standard widgets pretty, but the package[1] makes formlib widgets fit into Plone's standard layout, which may be similar to what you want.

That's not using JS libraries though; in general, it's a bad idea to *depend* on such JS libraries; rather they should be additional benefits for those with browsers that support it.

Incidentally, if you're feeling adventurous, you may want to check out KSS, which is the JS meta-framework Plone 3 will use (meta, because it can use prototype or mochikit or whatever; it's just a way of binding JS behaviour to the page using a CSS-like syntax, and writing server side logic in python). KSS has a plain-JS bit (called kukit) which does the binding and command handling and a plain-Zope 3 bit (for server side actions and resource management). Plone has its own bindings and Plone-specific actions of course, but there's nothing Plone- or Zope2-specific about the framework or common actions.



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