On Jan 16, 2007, at 6:24 AM, Thierry Florac wrote:

In fact, after looking at "zc.copy" package, I finally used the
"original" zope.copypastemove package function to duplicate my content
because it better feets my needs, without duplicating a set of
informations as zc.copy does but just keeping a link on them.

For the record, the point of zc.copy is that you can specify what is duplicated and what is linked. The decision is hardcoded in the zope.copypastemove code. Both use the same basic mechanism. Registering the adapters in zc.copy gives you the same behavior as zope.copypastemove, but then you can add more behavior (e.g., don't copy but link object X, reset counter y) for your copies.

The last problem I still have is that some of the informations stored
into object's annotations have to be indexed into a set of catalogs.
While these informations are indexed correctly when annotations are
created "by hand" in the "normal" way, it's not the case when content is
duplicated "in a whole". Any idea ? Should I iterate over object
annotations and check for ones that should contain indexable content ?

This isn't very clear to me, but if you fire the appropriate event and you are using the default IKeyReference implementation then the new copies should be indexed as different objects than the original, as usual.

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