Am Freitag 02 Februar 2007 schrieb Alex Furlong:
> >I admit that I might be just too dumb to see the obvious
> Perhaps a little lazy to read! :)

not really :-) your example is of course a valid solution, but in my 
opinion an inconvenient one, when it comes to the poor translation guy. 
I think it is way more natural if you have to translate a sentence as a 
whole as in

msgid "Please visit <a href=\"${about-plone}\">About Plone</a> for more 

as to have this broken into pieces, like your solution does, where the 
translator needs to puzzle which pieces belong together (at least in my 
experience, they don't like that very much; especially if your 
extraction tool decided that the respecitve pieces spread all over 
the .po file...).

Anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer.

Cheers, Sascha

> Case 4:
>  <p i18n:translate="mysite_more_plone_info">Please visit
>           <span i18n:name="about-plone">
>             <a href="about"
>                i18n:translate="mysite_about_plone">About Plone</a>
>           </span> for more information.
>  </p>
> msgid "mysite_more_plone_info"
> msgstr "Please visit ${about-plone} for more information."
> msgid "mysite_about_plone"
> msgstr "About Plone"
> You just have to use tal:attributes="href ..." in the 'a' tag...

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