I will wager to help...since frequently my posts go unanswered also. I've implemented a few skins with great success. However, if you wait long enough you could a real response from someone like Stephen instead of myself.

is registered on the default layer. Since the xgm layer derives from the
default layer it correctly uses my template.pt.
But the problem is now when a view from the Blog object are called links in
the template like

<a tal:attributes="href context/@@index.html/@@absolute_url">home</a>

do not work anymore, since context is the Blog and not a IXGM object anymore.
Therefore the lookup fails.
I do not understand this particular point clearly and this seems to be an important point. Could you provide more specifics? Sounds like you have a blog package installed. The blog package has objects that you can create (presumably blogs and blog entries). The objects have various views, which have links that are being inserted incorrectly?

Can reply and provide an example URL to your object and its view? Can you also provide the actual HTML code that is being produced (just the bad HTML code) versus what you would like to see?

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