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On 2/5/07, Florian Lindner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
The line in the template.pt:
<a tal:attributes="href context/@@index.html/@@absolute_url">home</a>
works fine as long as context is an IXGM, because index.html is registered for
IXGM. But if a view from the IBlog is called is it also rendered in the
template.pt but context now is a IBlog which does not have an index.html (or
at leat not the one I want) and therefore fails.

Your template *assumes* the context will always have
an `index.html` view. So it can not be used for a
context that doesn't have it. At any rate, context
is not the best object you can use to link to home.
It's better to use site root for that purpose. Something

<a tal:attributes="href view/siteroot/@@index.html/@@absolute_url">home</a>

Where you find site root using zope3 APIs in view code and
assign it to siteroot.

Disclaimer: I have been away from Zope3 for a long time
and my knowledge was not advanced even then. So if
I am talking non-sense, you can safely ignore me :-)

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