On Sat, Feb 10, 2007 at 10:34:51AM +0100, Dominique Lederer wrote:
> tyson schrieb:
> > I am having trouble getting my style sheet to load in my page template. 
> > I added my .css file within the local package directory.  How can I
> > point to this file on the filesystem.  I tried using a layer with a
> > resource in my configure file, but that didn't work.  Any help would be
> > much appreciated, thanks.
> > 
> just register your .css file as ressource via ZCML:
> ...
> <browser:resource name="yourfile.css" file="yourfileonfilesystemin
> samefolder.css" />
> ...
> you can access it then via  {$site}/@@/yourfile.css
> {$site} is the URL of the nearest site.

Which you can easily find in a page template, if you use

  <link rel="stylesheet" tal:attributes="href context/++resource++yourfile.css" 

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