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I am having some trouble with translation domains. I have setup two for use. Call one 'common' and the other
'myapp'.  They were created under a folder that was turned
into a site using the ZMI. Call this site MYSITE.
The translation domains were also registered via the ZMI.
I have filled in various message ids and their translations for en and fr in each domain. I have also made sure to use
the proper i18n:domain declarations, as appropriate.

For locations under MYSITE, the myapp and common translations
work well (within a generic browser page template configured for ISite):

i.e. http://localhost:8080/MYSITE/

However, using http://localhost:8080/ to display the same
generic page (as another ISite), the translations do not happen.

I want to use the 'common' translation domain (TD) across more than
one site (i.e. the use case above would allow me to have a
splash page at the site root using common translations with
a choice among subsites).
So, thinking I should move the 'common' TD to the zope instance
root I use the ZMI cut and paste functions to move the 'common'
domain from MYSITE to the root/global(?) site.  I also checked,
unregistered, and registered where appropriate.

Now the translations for common, formerly functional under
MYSITE, no longer work under MYSITE, nor do they work under the
root site, nor anywhere else.

What gives? Is there something bad about using cut and paste to move a translation domain?
How are translation domains looked up and used?  What are their

The scope of any local utility (and that includes translation domains) is the site that it was registered for. It's therefore not surprising that a translation domain you added and registered in MYSITE are not available outside that folder.

Why aren't you going for global translation domains that are maintained as gettext PO files on the filesystem and registered using ZCML? My book (also the 1st edition) explains how to do that.

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