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Giovannetti, Mark wrote:

However, using http://localhost:8080/ to display the same
generic page (as another ISite), the translations do not happen.

I want to use the 'common' translation domain (TD) across more than
one site (i.e. the use case above would allow me to have a
splash page at the site root using common translations with
a choice among subsites).

So, thinking I should move the 'common' TD to the zope instance
root I use the ZMI cut and paste functions to move the 'common'
domain from MYSITE to the root/global(?) site.  I also checked,
unregistered, and registered where appropriate.

Now the translations for common, formerly functional under
MYSITE, no longer work under MYSITE, nor do they work under the
root site, nor anywhere else.

What gives?  Is there something bad about using cut and paste
to move a translation domain?

How are translation domains looked up and used?  What are their

The scope of any local utility (and that includes translation
domains) is the site that it was registered for. It's therefore
not surprising that a translation domain you added and
registered in MYSITE are not available outside that folder.

Ok, fair enough.  That still doesn't explain why moving the 'common'
TD to the [top] 'site' (in the ZMI) didn't 'globalize' it.  Oh well, I
guess it's just another of those unexplained head scratchers that
zope3 seems to be infused with.

Normally this works. You simply have to make sure you unregister the translation domain as a utility, move it, and then re-register it in the root site again. Even if those steps are messed up, it should work if you remember to re-register it with the root site. I wouldn't be surprised if you simply forgot that last step.

I was under the impression that
a utility that wasn't found in a local site was searched up-the-stack
to the global site.

Yes, utilities are searched up the stack. If not found in the local- most site, then perhaps in the next site, etc, until the root site is reached. If that doesn't have it, the global registry isn't searched for.

Why aren't you going for global translation domains that are
maintained as gettext PO files on the filesystem and registered
using ZCML? My book (also the 1st edition) explains how to do that.

I have reread the chapter on i18n and will try the ZCML
registerTranslations directive.  Does this guarantee that
all translation domains registered via this directive will
be available *everywhere* in the zope instance?  If so then
I thank you for reminding me about it.  If not, wtf?

Of course they will. That's the point of global components.

Next time I suggest you read the book first ;).

I had wanted to use the GUI in the ZMI for simple testing
before getting to the gettext formalization for the app.

That's fine, though I don't find the gettext way is neither "formalized" nor is it particularly more complicated than the local utility stuff (well, ok, you have to compile the .po files to .mo...). In the end you're just going to have to write code to export your persistent translation domains to .po files on the filesystem...

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