> Is there a simple way to use ZPT to include external content?
> Something that resembles Apache SSI--I was hoping there is something
> along the lines of tal:include="addr" but it does not appear to be
> quite this easy. The content in question is a script that I'd rather
> not rewrite.
The 'script' you're talking about returns HTML?? Is this a web page?
web service? file? It is available under URL? The  content is script
itself or something that this script returns?

Not sure if I understand correctly but if you want to "paste some html
from url", then AFAIK ZPT has no statement (shortcut) for this kind of

> Search has turned up wrapping the functionality in python code. Can I
> do this without a urllib2 wrapper?
Depends what 'external' is for you... In general you may use different
protocol, something with xml-rpc, json and this stuff. What is wrong
with urllib2? On the other hand you may just use iframes or some
javascripts/ajax things on the client side.

Maciej Wisniowski

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