On Fri, Mar 02, 2007 at 12:31:22PM -0500, Giovannetti, Mark wrote:
> Thanks for confirming some of my questions!  Is there a book
> that you would recommend that explains how python deals with
> all this?

I liked Mark Pilgrim's _Dive into Python_.  I don't remember if it goes
into details about how Python modules work.

> > In fact, this is how Python imports modules: it executes the 
> > .py file of the module.  (It does this at most once during the 
> > program's execution, unless you explicitly ask it to reload 
> > modules.  Zope 3 never asks.)
> Great, now I think I have a good handle on what is going on.  This
> also explains why I have to restart zope when I make code changes
> (something that puzzled me very briefly when I started learning).
> So if I wanted to register utilities without using ZCML, I could
> place the provideUtility(...) calls in an __init__.py or directly
> within the utility's .py module.  Yes?

Yes, but only if you could make sure that your package or module was
imported during Zope 3 startup.

Grok uses a similar scheme, as far as I understand: you declare your
adapters and utilites in Python code, and then a single ZCML directive
in the grok: namespace loads your package and registers everything.

Does Grok have a website?  Google doesn't give me anything more useful
than these blog posts:


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