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>> But with 4), I guess I won't be able to assign two categories onto an
>> object,
>> An object can have only one ContentType
> this is not true an object can implement many interfaces so why shouldnt
> it be possible to assign many subclasses of IInterface (or did i m iss
> something?), use alsoProvides, not directlyProvides

ah yes right, I thought this because queryType only returns the first interface, but I could have several of them.

This is simple, but now how do I assign a name to these interface, so that the user will choose between "Client" and "Provider", and not between "IClient" and "IProvider"? Is it feasible with Tagged Value ? Or with the "name" attribute in the zope:interface ZCML declaration?

use the name attribute, skins in zope work the same way

How do you retrieve the name attribute?
I've watched the dir() of the interface I couldn't find anything. Maybe I could find it somewhere in the registry?
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