On Sunday 28 January 2007 12:51, David Johnson wrote:
> def getFunctions():
>      values = [ 'Black', 'Red', 'Blue' ]
>      return SimpleVocabulary.fromValues(values)

This looks good.

> I thought this would be a good chance to build my vocabulary skills.  
> I followed Stephan's book but I am receiving errors such as:
>    File "/Users/djohnson/sandbox/Zope-3.3.0/build/lib.macosx-10.3-
> fat-2.4/zope/app/form/utility.py", line 64, in _createWidget
>      field = field.bind(context)
>    File "/Users/djohnson/sandbox/Zope-3.3.0/build/lib.macosx-10.3-
> fat-2.4/zope/schema/_field.py", line 239, in bind
>      assert ISource.providedBy(clone.vocabulary)
> I figured that might be outdated, so I tried copying the "Connection  
> Names" vocabularly but again I get the same errors.

> What am I missing? Where should I look?

Can you provide the schema and field code which uses the vocabulary?

Nothing changed with respect to vocabularies, except that you have to create 
vocabulary factories explicitely now.

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