tyson wrote:
I would like to build an application with Zope3 that does not use the ZODB at all. I want to pull my data from my own database, display it to the user and allow them to change and edit the values with forms. Is Zope the right solution for this situation? I know everyone says the ZODB is very powerful and I know forms are very easy to generate through widgets and formlibs, but I don't want to store my information via Zope. Sqlos is another solution I have heard of but I dont' want to use that either. Is it conceivable to build an application in Zope3 with an outside database and not use the ZM?

You can use formlib and views and all that without storing the data in persistent objects in the ZODB. It just happens that storing things in the ZODB is really easy too.

You may be interested to look at http://plone.org/products/alchemist which uses some of these tools against relational data sources. It uses SQLAlchemy, which I recently learned and which seems really lovely to work with.

It's not a pure zope 3 solution, but I'm told the zope 2 dependencies are fairly minimal and it probably could be refactored to not depend on it.


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