Dear All,

in my learning application there is a description property
this is declared as Text field in the schema
of course an enter (newline) can be entered in this field, but on the view page i can see only raw text
the viewpage class is inherited from DisplayForm

i've tried already some things:
- modify the description widget data with PlainTextToHTMLRenderer.render(), but then in the browser i can see only encoded chars instead of <br> - i've tried to create a new widget (following Zope3 Developer's Book 15. chapter), then i received a textarea html element in the view as well - of course i could modify the value, of course i cannot save

the best would be on the view page a simple html (just texts) taking into cosideration the new line chars.

any idea?

Best Regards,

Iván Horváth
/Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new./


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