Darryl, Frank,

thank you your answers, but finally i keep the widget solution
instead of TextAreaWidget i inherited my widget from DisplayWidget, and of course used your replace solution.

class IMultiLineText(IText):
"""this field will be used for the comment because of the correct display of html tags""" pass

class MultiLineText(Text):
   """the field implementation"""
class MultiLineTextWidget(DisplayWidget):
   """the widget to display the description"""

   def __call__(self):
return super(MultiLineTextWidget, self).__call__().replace("\n","<br \>")

Darryl Cousins wrote:
On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 10:06 +0100, Ivan Horvath wrote:
- modify the description widget data with PlainTextToHTMLRenderer.render(), but then in the browser i can see only encoded chars instead of <br>


As for Frank's suggestion try:

<p tal:content="structure view/description" />

when rendering the text2html content. That should allow the html tags



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